Transplant Rota

Oxford Transplant Retrieval Rota
**certificate of attendance for participation**
1) What is the Oxford Transplant Rota?

The Oxford Transplant Rota offers the opportunity for medical students and junior doctors to attend organ retrieval operations with the Oxford Transplant Team.

2) What is organ retrieval?

The Oxford Transplant Centre has been responsible for the surgical removal of donated kidneys (retrieval) in our region for over 40 years. Since April 2010 with the introduction of the National Organ Retrieval Service, we have become one of the seven nationally designated abdominal retrieval teams in partnership with the Royal Free Hospital. The Oxford Retrieval Team provides a consultant led surgical service capable of covering a wide area of the United Kingdom.

The Retrieval Team is able to mobilise within one hour from call to departure in order to facilitate the process of donation for donor families and donor hospitals and to reduce delays and distress.

3) Why attend an organ retrieval?

  • This is a unique opportunity, which very few people ever get the privilege to experience. Organ retrieval is a highly emotive and thought provoking process and joining the team can be an extremely rewarding experience.
  • For those interested in a career in surgery, organ retrieval operations are fascinating to observe and provide an unparalleled opportunity to identify and examine the anatomical features of multiple organs both inside and outside the body. Moreover, you will become part of the team and encouraged to scrub and help with the operations where possible.
  • Increasing numbers of patients are receiving donor organs. This is an opportunity to better understand the process of organ transplantation and over 95% of student who have attended an organ retrieval to date report feeling more confident in discussing organ retrieval with patients and relatives. 
  • 100% of students who have attended a retrieval would recommend it to fellow students!
  • **Certificate of attendance provided**

4) How do I SIGN UP for the transplant rota?

Just follow these instructions! Remember to read the weblearn information before you go!

  • Identify a date and time when you are free of other commitments
  • Click on the Transplant Rota Sign-Up Sheet on weblearn to sign-up for shifts
    (Use the tabs at the bottom of the page to move between months.)
  • You MUST enter your name, year of study, email, mobile and your retrieval preference (DCD/DBD or both) so that the organ retrieval team can contact you if a retrieval becomes available.

Please note: the sign-up sheet will store your information in a google document. Google documents are secure to the extent that only those that have access to the link can access the document.

For more information on the following, please see weblearn.

  • What types of organ retrieval take place?
  • Which organs are retrieved?
  • What happens when I sign up?


The Oxford Transplant Rota is available for medical students in years 4-6 (or post-graduate years 1 – 4), elective students (on a clinical placement), and junior doctors.

If you have any further questions please contact Rhiannon Baldwin OR see the weblearn page.

Please see Oxford Weblearn for further information, the rota (all day, all week on alternating weeks) and the sign up form.