Academic Surgery

We’ve pooled some resources that members of our committee have found useful. If you come across any more, drop us a line!

Statistics in Medicine


If you never took A level statistics, or just want a bit more guidance on which test to use and when, this MOOC (massively open online course) is really thorough and helpful. Provided free and self-paced by Stanford University (USA), the 9 modules take you from simple rate ratios and normal distributions to Logistic and Cox regression analysis in a concept and example-driven manner. You can dip in and out of the modules, and there’s no deadline for completion. If you complete the course and score >60%, you can download your free certificate of completion. If you score >90%, you get a certificate with distinction! There’s also additional material to teach you how to use the statistical software R if you want it, but it’s completely optional and not required to understand the rest of the course.